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Giliyang Island, Sumenep, East Java Province, Indonesia

If you have time, please go to the Giliyang Island, district Dungkek, Sumenep, East Java Province, Indonesia. Perhaps many who do not know the existence of this island, let alone merits. At first glance, the Giliyang Island is the same as the other islands around the island of Madura (total there are about 125 islands in Sumenep). But who would have thought that Giliyang Island has been acclaimed as "Island with the best of oxygen levels in the world after second Jordan".

It was based on research team results Utilization Center for Atmospheric and Climate Science LAPAN (Lembaga Penerbangan dan Antariksa Nasional = National Institute of Aeronautics and Space) end of July 2006, which was then carried out the review on December 27, 2011 and by BLH (Badan Lingkungan Hidup = Environment Agency) Sumenep and East Java, as well as the Planning Agency.

From the research, Giliyang Island has an oxygen concentration of 20.9% to the level of explosive limit (LEL) of 0.5%. The value of the content is different from another region that has a value of oxygen concentration of 20.9% and 0.0% LEL. When reviewed, the results are the same: oxygen in the island between 3.3 and 4.8 percent or above normal.

Quality good oxygen makes long-lived population of this island. The majority of Giliyang Island residents over the age of 80 years and looks youthful and fit as a fiddle. They even still able to perform activities like the people in the productive age.

In addition to containing a high oxygen, the island is also far from pollution because of the scarcity of vehicles that pass in Giliyang. The content of carbon dioxide in the island is only about 265, while the noise level is only 36.5 db. So, in addition to the air refreshing atmosphere also reassuring.
No wonder if the residents in Giliyang long-lived. Grandparents aged 80 just still looks fit and healthy, even up to 175 years old.

The high oxygen content in Giliyang not only from many trees are still green, but also from circulating air occurs at the beach. The beach here is overgrown trees so as to create an atmosphere on the beach is quite cool and protected from the sun. Besides having white sand beaches, here too there is a rock that adorn its shores.

So if you want a vacation, it helps make the Giliyang Island as your destination. Besides fun, the island can give you a healthy vacation moment.

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